The player will be racing down a mountain trying to outrun an avalanche. On his way down he will have to use the arrow keys to avoid trees. Hitting the trees will trip up the player and slow him down. If the avalanche engulfs the player the game is over. As a twist random rocks will also appear. Rocks will be knock the player to the ground and the avalanche will engulf him.

The score will be the time the player survives. No points will be lost for hitting trees or rocks, but the player will be slowed down so the game difficulty would increase.


Accepted Payment:

● Paypal - (Nominal Receiving Fees) easy to embed.
● BIPS - (Bitcoin payment processing, no fees) unsure of ease to embed.
● Pre Purchase with Credit/Debit - unsure of ease to embed or operate.
● Google Wallet
● Venmo